A guide to journeying in the Maldives – Ways of Island hopping!


The popular tourist destination, Maldives is an archipelago that is composed of numerous inhabited and uninhabited islands. There are a number of transportation methods to get around these islands read on to know about some of them.


Sea plane Maldives|Img by: Studio Sarah Lou via FlickrCC BY 2.0

Sea Plane


Being an exclusive adventure in itself, this is one of the fastest ways to get from one island to another; this will also be the only way to reach some of the Maldives resorts and properties the likes of Adaaran Resorts Maldives provide seaplane transfers based on the request.  Since these planes fly at low altitude passengers will get to enjoy breathtaking views of the islands of Maldives.


Ferries and speed boats


Locals mostly use ferries to get around the islands and this is also a cheaper alternative if you find seaplanes are too costly. There is also another option which is more fun and thrilling; that is getting around through speed boats. Speedboats in are the second fastest transportation mode next to seaplanes.




Taxi service in the archipelago is only available only in two cities; Male and Addu. These are the only two islands in the Maldives where road transport is a popular option.




Being the slowest mode of transport in the Maldives, it is a way of getting around in a gentler manner. It is definitely equally exciting as any other transportation modes in the Maldives and certainly a travel option worth trying out at least once during your course of stay here




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