A new paradise in the paradise island called “Hiriketiya” – A must visit Bay

Hiriketiya is love at first sight for a lot of people, be it surfers, yogis, designers or tourists. Several foreigners have chosen this piece of land to set up their ever-growing number of projects. Here are a few reasons as to why Hiriketiya is a must visit during your stay in Sri Lanka.


Surf to your heart’s content

Slowly becoming a surfing favourite, Hiriketiya, is less than an hour away from Matara hotels. Hiriketiya beach is the perfect place for surfing, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Riding the waves is a possibility almost all year round, for all grade of surfing. During December till February, the peak season is great for beginners, while the waves are best from August to December! Surfboards can be hired from the water’s edge, and they are quite the bargain!

Swim and chill

If you’re not the one for surfing, don’t worry, once you get to Hiriketiya beach from hotels the likes of Soul Resorts Sri Lanka, you can chill your days away! The clear waters and magical setting make this horseshoe shaped bay a fine spot to spend your evenings, watching the sun bid farewell for the day amidst a splash colour in the sky.

Experience the culture

The culture in Hiriketiya itself is quite a unique one, unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere on the island. With plenty of cool spots, you can spend your days here and not get bored! If you’re looking to experience a traditional cultural experience, you ought to visit Nilwella fishing village, north of Hiriketiya.

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