A Sunny Day at Bangtao Beach Well Spent – Enjoy the Perks of Island Living!

The bluest of waters, clear skies, and warm tropical sun… doesn’t these sound like the things that you get in a tropical paradise? It certainly is! Read on to know about one of the most beautiful strips of beach in Phuket.


Bangtao Beach is located in the western regions of Phuket and features a six-kilometer-long stretch of pristine sand and blue waters. The beach is bordered by lush coconut palms and boasts the best tropical vibes that you can take in while you are in Phuket.

Things to do

The beach offers its visitors a plethora of exciting experiences. You can grab your favourite drink from the many cocktail bars that are scattered across the beach, go for a refreshing swim in the calm waters, snorkel your way beneath the waters marvelling at the wondrous creations of nature, or you could just lie-down enjoying the warmth of the tropical sun and work on your tan.

Things to remember

Though this is a harmless strip of beach, there are some things that visitors have to be mindful of; if you are visiting the beach as a family, make sure that you have your children close to you at all times. Do not let them venture far alone. If you are planning to visit the secluded regions of the beach do not swim alone and even if you do so, stay close to the shore. Remember things can go sideways even during a peaceful vacation if you are not vigilant so, it is always better to be cautious than to be sorry.

Accommodation options

There are plenty of accommodation options for a shorter stay in this region but if you wish to own the views and plan to visit here any time you want, there is a way; the region being one of the most sought after destination in Thailand, you can now find a number of villas in Phuket for sale from resort properties and property developers the likes of Avadina Hills by Anantara. Buying a villa you can certainly own a piece of paradise!

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