A Visit to the Most Famous Island of Phuket – Everything Your Visit Entails

‘Koh Tapu’ is located right next to the equally famous Koh Ping Ghan. The emerald green water surrounding the island and the limestone cliffs shot out of the water are a real treat for those seeking to escape the hassles of day to day life.

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Outstanding Features

The most noted feature is the rugged pinnacle with an unusual shape. Ever since it was featured in the 1974 James Bond Movie, it has been an icon of fascination and interest. Due to the protection act, you are supposed to put some space between you and the island – the only way of viewing the island is from either a boat or from Koh Ping Ghan.


You can take the bus from Phuket which is about a two-hour journey. Tourists also find the nearby island Koh Pin Ghan to be fascinating.


There are stalls on the beach that sell various food items. However, if you stay at a Phuket resort that can be likened to Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas, you are in for a delicious Thai meal!

An epitome of nature

Most tourists visit the island and Koh Pin Ghan bay to witness the aesthetics of nature.

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