About paradise Mirissa – A holiday with calm waters of Mirissa beach

If you are planning to explore the southern coast of Sri Lanka, you should not miss visiting the pristine beach of Mirissa. Especially if you are in search of the best surfing & whale watching in Sri Lanka.

Chilled out vibes!

The Mirissa beach is blessed with warm and crystal clear waters. From gorgeous sunsets to the shoreline blanketed with a long line of coconut trees, especially the nightlife in this beach is a mellow affair just the way everyone likes!


Shallow and clear waters in the Mirissa beach make it a great spot for snorkelling. You can peep into the underwater world to discover amazing marine creatures. The island called “Parrot Rock” is a popular place where many tourists snorkel around. While having a fun time at the beach, you can stay in some of the star class hotels in Mirissa Sri Lanka the likes of Mandara Resort Mirissa to do many other exciting water sports activities.

Whale watching

Mirissa has found extra popularity as a whale watching hotspot among tourists. The peak season for watching whales is from December to March. It’s indeed an unforgettable trip to find giant blue whales, Fin whales, dolphins and more!

Amazing nightlife

When in Mirissa, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a splendid nightlife! In fact, it’s a once in a lifetime experience with vibrant beach parties many entertainment options. There are numerous restaurants where you can indulge in an ultimate seafood experience.

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