An Arugam Bay Guide for an Unforgettable Adventure – Surf’s Up in Sri Lanka!

If you ask avid surfers who have visited Sri Lanka where the island’s best surfing spot is, more often than not the answer will be Arugam Bay! Here’s a quick guide to this enchanting coastal area.

Kondephy, Arugam bay beach, CC BY-SA 4.0

Where is Arugam Bay?
This picturesque bay can be found along Sri Lanka’s south-east coast around 2.5 km from Pottuvil Town. While there’s accommodation in Arugam Bay itself, another option would be to stay at Pasikuda hotels including the likes of Uga Bay by Uga Escapes and plan day excursions here.

Beach & Surf Points
The beach in Arugam Bay offers a gorgeous stretch of shore where you can soak up the sun. However, the main draw here is the waves that have made it a world famous surfing destination. One of the most popular spots is Main Point that features a right-hand wave that breaks over a soft reef.

Other surfing hotspots in and around Arugam Bay:

• Peanut Farm
• Elephant Rock
• Whisky Point
• Baby Point
• Pottuvil Point

The Surfing Season
The period from April to October is generally the surfing season in Arugam Bay with June to August offering the best waves, but also more crowds. The wave height can range from 1.5 to 2.5 metres and the water temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius.

Exploring the Coast
There are plenty of eateries here where you can enjoy everything from local dishes to pizza, while the high season brings with it beachside parties as well. Intrepid travellers can also visit sites of interest like Elephant Rock, the Muhudu Maha Vihara and Pottuvil Lagoon.



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