An entertaining night in the isles of Bali – A varied selection of night-out fun activities in Bali

The most captivating night you will have to spend in Bali comes with plenty of entertainment venues. An entertaining night in the isles of Bali will regale you with the best DJs and top songs until you feel like you’ve had your fill.

The night clubs

Around midnight, tourists and locals get together at these night clubs to enjoy the night into the small hours. The sounds and the DJ fill the dance floor with those with a craze for dancing while others are gulping down drinks.

Rooftop bars

There are places similar to 360 Rooftop at Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort where you can have a scrumptious Indonesian dinner while enjoying the scenery. It is also one of the acclaimed Bali resorts where you could also plan your stay.

Theatre Shows

It might not be your usual cup of tea, but you could go to one of the purpose-built amphitheatres to enjoy a breathtaking performance of traditional Indonesian dancing.

Live Music

If you want to break away from your regular night out with digital music, head over to one of the hotspots that feature live performances. Laughing Buddha Bar, Single Fin and The Orchard are a few recommendations for the first-time visitors!

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