Arugam Bay – For a fabulous surfing experience

Arugam Bay has become one of the most loved destinations in the world since recently. The white sandy beaches and the turquoise blue waters which are ideal for a truly exotic and luxurious vacation is the reason that so many travellers around the world visit Sri Lanka, to experience the sun-drenched Arugam Bay shoreline. Providing the perfect setting for a relaxed and tropical retreat, Arugam Bay would be one of the best places you ever visit that would spoil you at its utmost. Even though this area was not the safest place for vacation a few years back, it has now transformed into an entirely tourist oriented city with many new luxury resorts opening up, so that they can deliver one of the world’s most spectacular coastal destinations in a most alluring manner.


The whole area was shattered and ruined when the tsunami hit the coastline of Sri Lanka on Boxing Day 2004. Since that day a slow growth and recovery is now bearing fruit with so many tourists visiting Arugam Bay just to feel the warmth of the true Sri Lankan atmosphere. You will also notice a massive number of fleets of fishing boats lined up on the coast. Being on the top ten lists of the world’s best surfing hotspots, this area also boasts a truly striking natural beauty that is bordered with a pristine beach and a jungle. The waters of Arugam Bay are ideal for swimming all throughout the year.



You also could get an insight of the pastoral life of the fishing village and experience the hospitality and culture of Sri Lanka when you visit and explore the area. The resorts provide many facilities to make surfing, diving and swimming by the sea comfortable. There are also vendors who sell many knickknacks and snacks to the visitors. One cannot simply resist the splendour of Arugam Bay.


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