Arugam Bay – The Surfers Paradise

Located on the east coast of the island of Sri Lanka, the city of Arugam Bay is coming up in a big way. Loaded with beaches that boast waves that literally soars, Arugam Bay has gained its fame worldwide in the surf world and the first international surf contest was held in the middle of the year 2010. The best part about surfing in this beach is that year round you can enjoy the sport of surfing. It never gets dull, it never gets calm, the beaches here. Arugam Bay is a fantastic city to enjoy an un-spoilt coast line. There is a long stretch of perfect coastline that is both relaxing and alluring. So this holiday head over to Arugam Bay and enjoy simplicity, adventure and pure fun.

Arugam Bay is located 4 kilometers from the tiny village of Pottuvil. It is very much not urbanized these places and still retains the authentic village structure. Apart from the overdose of surfing that is hard to get tired of, you can enjoy a quiet walk or drive through the Pottuvil Village to enjoy a glimpse of a traditional village lifestyle. Arugam Bay boasts warm sunny weather pretty much year round and it is actually an excellent destination to soak up some sun. Most hotels have cozy hammocks that reflect the ambience of the village and also makes an excellent spot to enjoy the warm breezy climate of Arugam Bay.

This most popular surf spot in the country is located some 320km due East from the capital Colombo and is a mosaic of picturesque scenery, wild life and history. The Kumana National Park is an excellent place to enjoy Sri Lanka’s exquisite species. Here you can indulge in Elephant watching and Bird watching, both of which you can find in plenty. There are several archaeological sites peppered around the area. Remains from the Kudumpigala monarchy are among the many ancient ruins found here.
The city’s popularity among both the locals and the tourists has given rise to plenty of different Arugam Bay Hotels. If you are looking for a place to stay with exceptional standards, choose the Kottukal Beach Hotel. This boutique villa Sri Lanka has is one of the finest hotels in the country.


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