Banana Reef, Maldives – One of the oldest dive sites in Maldives

Banana Reef is one of the oldest dive sites in the Maldives, one of the first to be discovered. It is located to the west of Club Med, inside Kuda Kalhi, and one of the more northern of the two reefs. On the eastern side of the reef at around 15 meters, you will often find a school of up to 1000 schooling bannerfish. The numerous caves at Banana Reef dive site are a popular stop off for divers on holiday to the Maldives, and in these caves you will find all kinds of exotic fish. The caves contain several species of grouper fish, and in certain areas the fish have even become quite tame due to frequent fish feeding. The Banana Reef is the first discovered dive site of Maldives and first in the line of several others that gave Maldives its moniker of ‘world’s leading scuba diving destination’. The luxury resort Maalifushi by COMO, Maldives is one of the most exclusive island resorts in the country. Maalifushi has amazing unique overwater villas and suites that leads to wooden walkways over the shallow, sparkling blue lagoon with plenty of exotic fish. The scenery from the rooms and suits are just breathtaking, where it’s either the beautiful lagoons or the lush gardens. There is a string of uninhibited private islands in the resort and fabulous breaks for surfing.

The best diving at this site is on the banana-shaped area in the northeastern where there are caves, gutters and overhangs filled with fish life and soft coral. At Banana Reef, you are likely to see many fish, including Oriental Sweetlips, Giant Squirrelfish, Bannerfish and many other species that congregate in this spot.The marine life is just as breathtaking under water as the landscape, with the area often frequented by sharks, barracudas, trevally and black snapper fish.

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