Bay of Islands, an idyllic retreat

The Bay of Islands in New Zealand is always a delightful place for the holidaymaker. An outstanding accommodation choice for visitors to New Zealand would be the attractive Country Comfort Hotels. These well-appointed hotels offer a selection of modern amenities and courteous hospitality.

The renowned Bay of Islands is recognized as one of New Zealand’s most attractive vacation destinations. Frequented by local residents and foreign tourists alike, this region is both sublimely picturesque and historically important.

The climate at the Bay of Islands is usually delightful, making it an ideal place for water and beach activities. Other appealing options here include taking a refreshing stroll in the numerous nature trails, swimming with the local dolphins and hiring a boat to undertake a fishing excursion. As there are no less than 144 islets in the Bay area, there are many enticing places to explore for the visitor.

This area is in fact the place where the earliest Europeans to reach New Zealand arrived, and initiated the first agreements with the native Maori residents. The significant Treaty of Waitangi was the foundation of the fledgling nation and is commemorated here annually to this day.

The Bay of Islands features a number of charming towns, each of which seemingly displays a distinctively unique lifestyle and culture. The lively Paihia is well-known for its numerous visitor attractions whilst Kerikeri is reputed as a classy lifestyle destination. On the other hand Haruru Falls and Waitangi are renowned for their tranquil historical ambience, whilst Russell has a quirky charm all its own. Not to be missed is Kaikohe, a town which is recognized as the commercial and farming nucleus of the region.

Another natural attraction in the area is the Puketi Kauri Forest which is easily reached by car. Here you will find pristine forests which look just as they would have when the first settlers arrived in the islands. The birdwatcher will be enthralled by the different kinds of avian residents to be found here.

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