Beach Resorts in East Coast of Austrailia

Travellers in search of a luxury hotel in Australia’s east coast should look no further than the Australis Hotel. Offering guests a stylish rest within close range of the region’s finest beaches this elegant hotel is perfect for business and leisure travellers.

Frequented by beachgoers from around the world Australia’s east coast is home to some of the best beachscapes Down Under. Regardless of whether one wants to lounge around on the beach or engage in water sports and other ocean based activities the plethora of beach options along the eastern coastlines has something for everyone.

Bondi Beach is perhaps one of the east coast’s most popular beaches. Renowned as Australia’s own incarnation of California the beach culture of Bondi Beach is well documented among travel journals across the globe. Curving along the shores the 1.5km beach is one of the most pristine in Australia while also being conveniently located close to the heart of the city. Littered with vacationers all year round the sandy confines of Bondi Beach are also a surfer’s paradise. Manly is a more tranquil beach alternative in the golden sanded east coast as it encompasses a harbour beach as well. Within an easy drive of Sydney city the venue resembles a holiday resort town although it is located near Sydney port’s North Head.

Nature lovers on the other hand should head down to Thornton beach which is a few miles from the Marrdja Botanical promenade. Occupying Middle Harbour in Sydney is Balmoral beach a preferred picnic spot for locals and travellers.  Home to the well-shaded Hunter’s Bay the beach is a hit with families and children as the palm fringed beachscapes exudes an old world charm with the Hunters Park bandstand and seasonal performances just a short distance away. Another popular beach with families is the Bronte Beach which also houses a sprawling verdant parkland lined with cafes while the oceanic swimming pools filled with ocean waters known as the Bronte Baths also makes it s preferred haunt for vacationers. Coogee Beach on the other hand is a more low-key and laid back beachscape for backpackers and holidaymakers.

New South Wales’s Port Macquarie is another scenic beach hub on the east coast with hinterlands covered in bush jungles and long stretches of white, sandy beaches littering its picturesque confines. Palm Beach and Susan Gilmore Beach in Newcastle are other favourite hotspots for beach goers exploring Australia’s eastern shores in addition to Fraser Coast’s Rainbow Beach and The Gold Coast’s Surfers Paradise.

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