Bentota Beach – Quintessential Tropical Beach

The wide sweep of the golden sandy beach of Bentota has always been a popular beach due to its proximity to Colombo and easy accessibility via the highway and railway and now via the Colombo – Matara Expressway. Although lined with hotels for most of its length the beach is still palm fringed has a peaceful relaxing vibe and is still suitable for long walks and watching sunsets. Enjoy the homelike environment of Villa 700 by Jetwing a popular small Induruwa Hotel.

Bentota beach starts from a narrow bit of sand near the Bentota River estuary and broadens out into a swathe of golden sand that curves along the bay. Protected by a fringing reef Bentota beach offers safe swimming during much of the year. However November to April is the best time of the year to enjoy the sea as it is the calmest time in the Indian Ocean and the time for snorkelers, water sport and fishing enthusiasts to do their thing. The 3 to 5 foot waves generated when the seas are rougher are recognized as suitable for surfers of all experience levels. Canoe Rock, the popular dive site off Bentota beach offers colorful coral formations, rocky outcrops and some caves. Lobster valley where a large resident is guaranteed to be lurking in a cave is a point of interest. It is also populated by a large school of fish. When visibility is good schools of snappers, trevally, fusiliers, moray eels and porcupine fish are also seen here. Many dives are needed to explore this large dive site. Its closeness to the shore means that divers can paddle out to it or dive from a boat at the site. Night dives allow enthusiasts to view night feeders and marine creatures sleeping on the sandy bottom. Although a popular site, it is rarely crowded. The Sea Turtle Protection Association has a hatchery on the beach. Eggs are bought from local residents, hatched and the hatchling returned to the ocean. Five endangered species of turtles come ashore at Bentota to lay eggs.

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