Best Beaches in Coolangatta – Havens for the Beach Lover

Visitors to Coolangatta are sure to be captivated by the area’s outstanding beaches. Leisure seekers will have the opportunity to spend a fun day out at these sun-kissed shorelines.

Coolangatta Beach

If you like attractive beaches the pleasant Coolangatta Beach will meet your expectations. Coolangatta Beach’s northern corner is renowned as a recognized surfing spot. An accommodation choice to consider which overlooks this idyllic beach would be Oaks Calypso Plaza which may be regarded as a pleasingly located Coolangatta resort Gold Coast has to offer.

Greenmount Beach

This beach offers a headland that is reputed as a surfing location. Greenmount Beach is also recognized as a pleasant locality for swimming for those who dislike waves. At its corner, you will find a calm, protected location that is appealing for swimmers.

Rainbow Bay

Rainbow Bay will be another good choice for the surfing enthusiast as it offers excellent conditions for the enthusiast. This beach which faces north will also be an appealing environment for swimming.

Kirra Beach

Kirra Beach is a lengthy stretch of white sands that features two areas which are patrolled. If you desire calm and relaxation, this beach will capture your imagination as it is quieter when compared to venues like the Greenmount and Coolangatta beaches.

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