Best beaches in Maldives – Strike off your dream travel itinerary

Maldives is a picturesque destination of beauty and serenity which offers some of the best beaches for all thrill-seeking adventure enthusiasts. Read on and know more about the beaches on the island.

Nalaguraidhoo Beach

Also known as “Sun Island” this stunning beach is located in the South Ari Atoll. It is popular among many tourists due to its sapphire blue lagoon. You’ll find an abundance of activities to enjoy your holiday on this beach including water skiing, windsurfing, and more adventurous watersports. For a good dose of sun, surf and sand, do consider staying at one of the Maldives luxury resorts the likes of Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, from where your island adventure can be easily mapped out.

Mirihi Islands

Realize your tropical holiday adventure in this serene beach located in the Mirihi Islands. It is an ideal destination for solace seekers. All those who step on the soft sand of the beach are inspired to experience the beach to their heart’s content and to take that spirit with them once they leave this heavenly place. Numerous water bungalows are an added attraction in the island.

Alimantha Island

It may be said that if you are a diving enthusiast your trip to the Maldives would not be complete without venturing beneath the waters of this tropical paradise. Alimantha Island features some of the most beautiful diving spots in Maldives. Whilst diving you will have the opportunity to experience the exotic undersea scenery and the mesmerizing marine creatures who make their home here.

Banana Reef

Staying true to its name, the Banana Reef has got its name for its shape when viewed from above. It is home to exotic fish and diverse sea creatures like Maldivian grubfish and squirrelfish.

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