Best beaches to see in Sri Lanka – Are these in your travel itinerary?

Being an island destination, Sri Lanka is blessed with pristine beaches. In fact, accessing a beach is so convenient that in almost every spot of shoreline you will find such stretches of sand.

Unawatuna | Image Credit: By JonathanCross at English Wikipedia (Own work) [Public domain], <a href="">via Wikimedia Commons</a>

Unawatuna | Image Credit: By JonathanCross at English Wikipedia (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Arugam Bay

If you are keen on surfing, you would have definitely heard of Arugam Bay. Located in the east of Sri Lanka, the Arugam Bay beach prides itself on having some wild and crazy waves that are plenty fun to ride on. It is highly remote this beach and if you looking for some quiet relaxation, Arugam Bay offers plenty of little sanctuaries.


Bentota is a fishing town that has grown by leaps and bounds as a chic tourist hub. Accommodation options such as Shinagawa Beach are ideal if you are planning to go on a cosy beach retreat. You can easily reach your Bentota resort via the southern expressway which will take you an hour to travel from the metropolitan city of Sri Lanka. You can look forward to wide open skies, lazing the day away on sandy stretches of beach, water sports activities and feast on succulent food at many laidback restaurants.

Kalkudah Beach

Another east coast wonder, Kalkudah Beach is a stunning shoreline in sunny Sri Lanka. Perhaps best known as the beach which encompasses famed Pasikudah Bay, Kalkudah Beach is a shallow and pink-hued beach that must be seen to be believed. Revered as a surfing hotspot the best time to visit the beach is during September when all of the east coast’s beaches are idyllic.


Located in the South of Sri Lanka, the Unawatuna Beach flaunts a pretty little horseshoe shape and is known above all for its wild and wonderful ambience. A crowd puller year round, Unawatuna hosts exciting parties and boasts plenty of delicious seafood making it one of those must-visit beaches in Sri Lanka.

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