Cable Beach Western Australia – Experience Camel Rides along the Beach and the Staircase to the Moon at Cable Beach

For those seeking a holiday getaway in Australia, a Cable Beach resort Broome will provide them with the opportunity of a lifetime. Located in the vicinity of the city of Broome, the pearl capital of Australia, Cable Beach and its aura of exoticism makes it a destination like no other. The beach derives its name from a telegraph cable that was laid between Java and Broome and is very much an integral component of the history of Western Australia. Ideal for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing, the Beach extends for 22 kilometres and attracts dozens of locals and tourists daily.

When visiting Cable Beach, tourists will scarcely be at a loose end for the area is peppered with beautiful sites and activities. When at the Oaks Cable Beach Sanctuary, residents can learn about the native plant life and animal kingdom of Western Australia and also enjoy spectacular sunsets on the beach itself. One of the most iconic activities many tourists love to do is to ride a camel along the beach: an experience that is truly unique in the land down under. For another unique natural phenomenon, make your way to Cable Beach between March and October to witness the Staircase to the Moon which is an illusion created by a full moon rising at low tide over the bay. As the moon rises over the bay, a beautiful illusion of a staircase reaching the moon is created and this illusion has enthralled the hearts of many.

Those with an interest in exploring and learning about the indigenous people will find Minyirr Park a treasure trove of information. Located behind the sand hills that border the Beach, the Park is run by Rubibi Aborigines and the Shire of Broome. Cable Beach is also a convenient place to visit for those who wish to explore the Australian wilderness.

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