Cairns Beaches: the idyllic coastal retreat

Originally built as a mining town to house workers heading to the Hodgkinson River goldfield, Cairns is a regional city in the far north of Queensland. After the decline in the local mining industry and due to the discovery of an easier route through Port Douglas, the city was re-emerged as a railhead and port for the major export of sugar cane.

More recently Cairns has become a popular tourist destination attracting both local and international travellers. It is noted for its many natural attractions dotted in and around the city, and is within short distance of the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns beaches or Northern Beaches as they are known locally are popular coastal communities with frequent visitors to this close knit city. There are approximately eight key beach communities dotted along the coast.

Trinity Beach is one of the biggest beach communities in Cairns, with a variety of tourist shops and resorts dotted along the coast, it is one of the most visited beaches by locals and tourists. Trinity Beach is nestled within two headlands in a protected bay. It is a perfect spot to relax and soak up the sun or go boogie-boarding on its mild waves. There many interesting tours in and around Trinity Beach that highlight local attractions and natural wonders.

Palm Cove is a prime contender for the number one beach in the world. It is considered the most pristine of Cairns beaches and derives its name from the many lush palm trees that line the coast. With many restaurants and shops along the coast, the visitor is well catered for. Palm Cove is a popular spot for water sports from jet skiing, surfing to scuba diving, and has something to suit everyones recreational needs.

With many beach locales dotted along Cairns coast, the ardent visitor has many a Cairns hotel to choose from. Situated in the picturesque Marina in Trinity Bay with lush green mountains as a backdrop Shangri-La Hotel The Marina Cairns is one of the most distinguished luxury hotels in Cairns.

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