Calido Beach Kalutara Sri Lanka – A glimpse into Sri Lanka’s pristine golden shores

With the least amount of exposure to tourists and locals over the years, Calido beach offers a wholesome and untouched quality to that of a hidden treasure especially if you are visiting to escape from everyday life.

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The name Calido translates to Warm in the Spanish language. The waters just off the shore are usually known to be turbulent with the currents and tides changing but this is compensated by the schools of fish that turn up towards the shallow shores.

Nearby Attractions

Visit the iconic Kalutara temple which sees flocks’ followers of the Buddhist doctrine. The significance of the Kalutara temple is that it is a home to Bo tree which is sapling that was bought in from the Mahabodhi in Bodhgaya where the Buddha attained enlightenment.

Places to stay

Its proximity to Colombo makes it easily accessible from the capital where you have a multifarious of accommodations. However, if you wish to stay in Kalutara, hotel choices may be limited to a handful of hotels. If you are planning to stay in Kalutara why not stay at the Mermaid Hotel & Club which is only nine mins away from Calido Beach.


A two-hour drive south of the capital the beach is located on a spit of land that stretches between the Kalu River and the sea.

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