Causes for Coral Degradation – Let’s Protect Our Reefs

Photo taken on 29 September 2014

Coral Degradation, Image Credit: Anantara Kihavah

Coral destruction is REAL, my friends. Very real. The threat facing the ocean coral reefs are so apparent these days that divers and snorkelers are often left heartbroken at the magnitude of their destruction. Research indicates that about 80% of the corals around the world are nearing the border of extinction, and with its several species of marine life could also be lost forever. As the reefs are the backbone of the eco system, some countries are doing their part to saving them. In Maldives, coral reef protection is underway as it is their main source of tourism, and some resorts such as Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas taking an active interest and action in protecting their reefs with coral adoption and coral planting programs.

There are numerous causes of coral reef destruction and coral reef bleaching is the most significant. This is due to the drastic changes to the water temperatures due to global warming. When the temperatures rise, the ocean waters also rise, which causes the bleaching of corals. Water pollution caused by man with the use and the dumping of oil, fertilizers, sewage and other toxins is another reason as to why the reefs and the marine life that live within it are destroyed. These toxins change the chemical elements of the water or block out the sunlight and oxygen which would cause the coral reefs to “suffocate”.

The increase in tourists exploring corals reefs is another reason how they are being damaged. Divers and snorkels can damage corals by stepping on them or simply touching them. Other tourist activities, like fishing and boating can also severely destroy the marine population. Construction and land filling around the coast is another important cause.

Taking care of our coral reefs are important for the survival of Earth. Without robust coral reefs, life as we know it could come to a drastic end.

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