Choosing Beach Wedding Dresses – The perfect dress for a perfect bride.

beach wedding dress

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Beach weddings are the new hip wedding fantasy for all the island lovers out there. Looking elegant, glamourous and adventurous at the same time would be the dream for a beach bride. The selection of the perfect wedding dress to light up your special day is thus crucial.

Firstly, selecting a dress complimenting your location is key as the degree of formality of beach weddings vary. If you pick a hotel in Maldives Island such as the Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi ensure that your attire for the day suits a simple bamboo canopy or an elaborate backdrop packed with flowers.

A beach wedding is always showered with an abundance of natural light, thus the colour of your wedding dress should complement your skin when mixed with the strong beams of sunlight you will be facing at your wedding. Colours like beige, off-white or lime green can be viable choices.

The fabric of your dress is important as well. To make sure the warm climate doesn’t get you hot and drippy with sweat, select a fabric that absorbs the heat and is comfortable to move around, so try to avoid materials like satin, heavy nets and rough silks.

You would want to feel light on your special event, therefore make sure your dress does not weigh you down or exhaust you when engaging in the events of the day, so pick a dress with less volume. Thus it is highly advisable to avoid wearing ball gowns or dresses with a lot of raffles or frills.

And importantly make sure your wedding dress is easy to move in! Getting stuck between furniture when greeting guests at your wedding would be a major inconvenience you want to avoid. Thus choosing a wedding dress you can move in, dance in and feel beautiful as the sea breeze gets in its way would be highly essential.

In general, a light coloured, thin wedding dress with a lot of open areas would be a smart choice when getting married on the beach, to make you feel comfortable while adding that rustic glamour and hint of simple elegance.

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