Cousin Island – The Quintessential Nature Reverse

Located off the eastern coast of Africa, the archipelagic nation of Seychelles is an ideal coastal destination. The islands are known for their pristine beaches and splendid coastal features, and the cool tropical breeze, sunny skies, and laidback vibes, make the islands of Seychelles the perfect location for a tranquil vacation. When it comes to accommodation in popular locations in Seychelles such as Beau Vallon, hotels such as the luxurious Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino are ideal options to consider.

Ecotourism is a big part of the tourist industry of Seychelles. And the pinnacle of the Seychelles ecotourism attractions is Cousin Island. Cousin Island is a highly regulated and protected nature reserve, and is one of the very few nature reserves in the world that spread over an entire island. With minimal human intervention and strict protectionist measures, Cousin Island has become the quintessential nature reserve.

Cousin Island is located just a couple of kilometres away from Praslin, and has an area of about 27 hectares. Although originally used as a coconut plantation in the early 1900’s, in 1968 the coconut trees were removes so that the natural flora and fauna of the island could thrive once more. Today the island is an ecosystem in itself, and is regarded as one of the ecological hotspots in the region. The entire island is covered in trees and rock, and the government of Seychelles imposes strict rules in order to maintain Cousin Island; so much so that entry to the island is only by way of a special eco-friendly boat. The island is home to dozens of species of fauna, chief amongst which are the avifauna. It is estimated that the island is inhabited by seven species of seabirds and eleven species of endemic birds. Cousin Island is also a major breeding site for rare species such as the hawksbill turtle, fairy terns, giant tortoises, and terrapins. Visiting the marvellous nature reserve is sure to be a treat, but remember that Cousin Island is strictly regulated. So savour the nature experience, but follow the rules.

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