Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An – Enjoy the Vietnamese Coastline of a World Heritage Site

The state of Vietnam is home to eight World Heritage Sites declared as such by the UNESCO while a number of other popular historical and natural attractions are being considered to receive this honour. Amongst the world heritage sites are the Citadel of the Ho Dynasty, My Son Sanctuary, the Central Sector of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long – Hanoi and the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. One of the most frequently visited sites is the Hoi An Ancient Town which is a beautifully preserved example of an ancient 15th century city which operated as a port city for four centuries.

Located a mere five kilometres away is the Cua Dai Beach which is perfect for some seaside activities. While many opt to visit the beach for a day or so, Hoi An hotels are available close by if any person wishes to enjoy the beach for a longer period. While certain budget options are available, the city is complete with luxury hotels such as Anantara Hoi An Resort as well and therefore, the wonderful beach can be explored and enjoyed for as long as desired.

The Cua Dai Beach is quite lengthy and provides a spectacular view of the ever extending ocean with Cham Island in the distant background. Just as any other beach, Cua Dai is perfect for sunbathing, relaxing, swimming and a myriad of water sports. Tourists also have the option of renting a sun lounger and enjoying the view in style. For a tourist spending the day at the beach, something small to eat, cool drinks, fresh fruits and even souvenirs and other knick knacks can be bought from the multitude of vendors and hawkers that are scattered across the considerable expanse of Cua Dai. Therefore, this is one tourist attraction where one can stay for as long as or for as little as they desire with maximum comfort, convenience and enjoyment.

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