Deep Sea Fishing in Bentota – A Fulfilling and Fun Pastime

Bentota on the south west coast of Sri Lanka is one of the first tourist hubs in the country and is one of the most popular tourist hubs even today. Things to do in Bentota range from swimming, diving, snorkelling and jet skiing to river cruises and deep sea fishing and visits to cultural and historic sites. To experience and enjoy the diverse attractions of Bentota and its environs in a home – away- from – home atmosphere and pampered luxury AVANI Bentota Resort and Spa would be an ideal choice.

The waters of the Indian Ocean is a treasure trove of Mother Nature’s bounty and this can be harvested in many ways. Deep sea fishing is one way of harvesting the ocean’s bounty and Bentota is an ideal place to indulge in this pastime.
The best time to go deep sea fishing is from November to April which incidentally is the season for tourists in this area. There is a good choice of deep sea fishing trips to choose from.
It is recommended to start a deep sea fishing trip in the early morning hours, say, 6 a.m. A trip will last 4-5 hours (can be extended if you so wish) and is guaranteed to be an adrenalin rush. Fibre glass motor boats around 30 feet long are a popular choice to go deep sea fishing in and those skippering the boats are experienced fishermen. Generally, these boats are equipped with GPS, lavatory facilities and life jackets. Trolling rods and reels with artificial or live bait is generally used to catch the many varieties of fish.


The Indian Ocean is brimming with fish. Sailfish, wahoo, tuna, red and white snappers, giant travelly, barracuda, jackfish and small sharks are among the many species of Indian Ocean fish waiting to be baited. Close to shore will be species like grouper but as you go deeper towards the shelf you will find the sailfish, blue and black marlin, tuna and wahoo.


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