Diving Adventures in Seychelles -Explore the Wonders of the Marine World in Mahe and Praslin

The enchanting natural beauty of the island of Seychelles found in the heart of the Indian Ocean is truly stunning, and is one that is only just being discovered by the rest of the world. As a result of increasing tourism to these beautiful islets, Seychelles resorts have increased in number and provide splendid luxury accommodation to those who seek it. As an archipelago that composes of over one hundred islands, exploring the marvels of the underwater world is an attractive activity that many travellers and holidaymakers indulge in when they visit Seychelles.

For those who are keen on water sports and water based activities, choosing a resort close to the ocean, such as the Berjaya Praslin Resort, is of immense importance for this will facilitate one’s access to the wonders of the marine world. Thereafter, diving expeditions can be sought after and arranged depending on the duration of one’s stay and the interests of the diver.

For instance, the Seychelles Dive Safari provides divers who are suitably qualified with the opportunity to embark on an amazing week-long diving expedition. For optimum results, divers should opt for special diving programmes that allow them to witness the unique geological phenomenon of the plateau which has led to the development of spectacular marine flora and fauna.

There are two fairly important locations that will yield optimum results, and those are Mahe Island which is home to the capital of Seychelles, the city of Victoria, and Praslin. While the island of Mahe is complete with granite peaks and rare and endemic flora such as the Vanilla Orchid and the Jellyfish Tree, Praslin is well known for its splendid beaches and pristine coral reefs that host nearly one thousand species of fish. Diving expeditions in the archipelago of Seychelles, therefore, are bound to be adventurous and divers will leave the islands with unforgettable memories and experiences.

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