Diving Experience in Tioman – An Unforgettable Underwater Adventure!

Tioman Island has long since been listed as one of the most beautiful spots in the world to go diving. Famous for its colourful reefs, it deserves the top spot on your to -dive list!

Diving Season

Like the rest of Malaysia, the Timon Island is a tropical county with low levels of humidity, occasional rainfall and hot weather throughout the year. However, the best time for diving is the period between March to May and September to November with visibility ranging from 15m to 30m.

Top Dive Sites in Timon Island

While there are many dive sites suitable for various levels of expertise, the Tiger Reef in Salang Bay, Renggis and Chebeh Islands are some fantastic dive sites which stand out from the rest.

Best Dive Centres

Having arrived in Timon Islands, it’s important to find a reputable dive centre to rent your diving equipment. There are plenty of centres and schools on the islands such as Dive Asia and Timon Dive centre which offers different packages and courses to suit every budget and requirement.

How to Get to Timon Island

Diving enthusiasts can choose various means of transport such as taking a coach or bus from Singapore. If you’re hoping to stay for a few days, many a hotel in Pulau Timon including the likes of Berjaya Timon Resort are available to choose from.



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