Diving in Sohar Beaches – A New Found Underwater Paradise

The land of Sohar has long been renowned as the home of the legendry ‘Sinbad the Sailor’. It is timeless in essence and is a mosaic of everything amazing in Oman. Culture, Nature and entertainment are all found in the single destination of Sohar, and that is not all. Just on the outskirts of Sohar is yet another paradise, something not evident on the surface but rather a heaven that lies underneath the ocean, one you could indulge in only if you delve in and dive into these waters.

The country’s best dive spots are found here in Sawadi. The Sawadi islands are an exquisite part of the country. It is rocky and displays some of the finest works of nature. For a tranquil evening out of the city’s hassle, the Sawadi islands are a popular choice. As the popular dive spots are located so close to Sohar, it is easy for one to indulge in the diving activity after touring the wealth of attractions in Sohar. Underneath the Ocean, heaven is literally bought to your foot step. An array of colors and shapes, some fierce and some calm all swim gaily around you in a world which is adorned by nothing but beauty. Further into the sea you will be greeted by the beautiful Daymaniyat islands. These also boast excellent dive spots. Almost everyone visiting so further off main land, dive or at least snorkel in this clear waters. Surrounding the islands are extensive coral reefs that really come to life when you snorkel. In addition to its underwater perks, the islands have been safe guarded as a nature reserve as it makes an important nesting site for both hawksbill and green sea turtles.

Oman is like a new found treasure that is slowly being unearthed. Its richness is just being discovered and tourists are increasingly visiting this nation year after year. With the expansion of visitors Oman hotels are also growing in number. You get the low budget ones and some exquisite ones in the mix. If you are looking for downright luxury, the Al Wadi Hotel Sohar is an Oman Hotel that will be an excellent choice.

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