Diving in Seychelles – scenic Seychelles

Take a few seconds to contemplate why most travellers choose Seychelles; even though the island has a host of sightseeing spots, its main attraction are the waters that surround it and the wonderful diving spots that they offer.

Diving facilities are offered by many companies. Whether it is a solo dive or a group dive that you are looking for, just inform the company what you require and obtain a breakdown of their rates. PADI courses are also available on the island for a nominal fee. If you are, however, already proficient in diving, then just hire diving equipment from the hotel you are staying at; many Beau Vallon hotels in Seychelles such as the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino among countless others, rent out diving equipment to their guests or put them in touch with those that do offer this service.
The sea surrounding Seychelles usually remains in an ideal condition for diving throughout the year. When the waters are not so rough, you can head quite far out to sea even by dive boat, and if you are lucky, you will be treated to the delight of witnessing marine creatures such as manta rays and sharks. Although the waters are usually calm all year round, there are times when Seychelles does fall prey to inclement weather conditions.
Seychelles is best visited between March and November when the waters are relatively cool – when the temperature of the waters hover at around 30 degree Celsius, you will be able to enjoy a nice diving session. For a daredevil diver, any time of the year could be all right in Seychelles. But there is a definite benefit of being in Seychelles during the cooler months. If you happen to be here around July or August, you can also witness Seychelles experiencing its southeast monsoon. The winds grow in force while temperatures drop.

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