East Bali Beaches – Explore a truly heavenly paradise by the white sandy beaches

East Bali Beaches are among the best of the beaches at Bali, Indonesia and is known for their legendary diving sites. Divers can explore an unforgettable underwater adventure with unique fish, sea creatures and breathtaking coral reefs. Those who are not very confident in deep diving, can enjoy excellent snorkeling offers on the shallow waters and still enjoy the wonders of this beautiful underwater world. These beaches are perfect for swimming, and surfing and or just lounging on the sand. The beach stretch is daily cleaned up and taken care of and groomed by the hotels which are close to the beaches. The Alilla Manggis – Bali in Manggis, East Bali an enchanting boutique hotel is a perfect haven for anyone to enjoy and unwind . It is one of the leading family hotels Bali has to offer which is secluded and stylish, and is nestled between the coconut groves and the azure sea. It is also situated next to the Bali’s most majestic Mount Ayung, known as the Bali’s most sacred mountain.

Many beaches at East Bali has many restaurants, Fish Markets and hotels, which are perfect for dining local traditional Balinese food ,Seafood and international culinary. Most of these beach front restaurants have beach side lounges to enjoy the beautiful, scenic sunsets. All these places provides a great night life for anyone to enjoy, relax and unwind. These perfect white sandy beaches are also perfect for early morning walks, while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

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