Enjoyable Leisure Activities in the Tropical Beach Haven Kalutara – There’s Definitely Something for Everyone

Kalutara is a serene coastal town situated towards the south of the Western Province, and despite being a fairly small place, has an astounding list of experiences to offer.


Wellness Experience

ayurvedic spa in kalutara sri lanka

Sri Lanka is renowned throughout the world for offering some of the best Ayurvedic experiences. There are many Ayurvedic institutions to be found in Kalutara if you wish to experience this ancient school of medicinal practice.


Gangatilake Vihara (Kalutara Temple)

kalutara hollow stupa

This sacred place of worship is internationally famous since many believe it is to be the only hollow Buddhist stupa in the world. You can also find a sacred tree that was a sapling of the original Sri Mahabodhi Tree, under which Lord Buddha gained enlightenment.


Water Sports



Of all the hotels in Kalutara, Sri Lanka, it would be hard to find one that doesn’t offer water sports of some kind. From taking a ride on a jet-ski to windsurfing, to even just going for a swim, Kalutara is one of the best places in Sri Lanka for people looking to indulge in some water sports.


Whale / Dolphin Watching


There are many entities in the nearby area where you can procure a dolphin or whale-watching cruise and witness the many majestic marine animals to be found off the waters of Sri Lanka. You can discover more about these cruises from many online sources such as Travel Kalutara.


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