Esjehi Art Gallery – Showcasing the Best of the Maldives

Visitors to the Maldives sometimes spend their entire holiday enjoying the breathtaking scenery and serene ambiance that is felt all over the islands. While the Maldives boasts these qualities in such abundance that this alone will provide a memorable holiday, there is much more to experience on the wonderful islands. Known primarily for its exotic ocean side vacations, the rich and exciting culture of this vibrant nation is often overlooked. Yet visitors who do venture into this striking realm of the island are pleasantly surprised by the beauty that the country has to offer.

For visitors who want this colourful experience, the Esjehi Art Gallery is an ideal place to head down to, well worth a scenic seaplane or boat ride from whatever island guests may be on. The impressive exhibits are housed in an equally impressive building; built in the 1870’s, it is one of the oldest in the land, and was once the property of a nobleman. The building is an architectural sensation, well loved by visitors.

The Esjehi Art Galley successfully shows off to the world the beauty of Maldivian art and culture, and it helps nurture local talent, giving these gifted artists the exposure and opportunities they need. On display here are both traditional pieces as well as contemporary works of art that will interest all those enthusiastic about the skill.


The Esjehi Art Gallery is regularly visited by leading members of the creative community in the Maldives, and often guests will get an opportunity to meet the gifted artists behind the fine exhibits on display. Entry into the gallery is not at all pricey and some of the fine creations are available on sale, a great opportunity for art collectors who want to take back a valuable reminder of their Maldivian holiday. On site there are exhibitions and workshops occasionally organized that visitors will enjoy, but on any day the gallery is an exciting place to visit for those keen on getting an insight into the country’s rich artistic heritage.


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