Four Mile Beach – A Beautiful Shoreline in Port Douglas

Lanikai Beach in Hawaii, well known as one of the most scenic beaches in the state as well as the beach in The Hamptons in New York that boasts of being one of the prettiest in Long Island, rank among the most famous beaches in the world. Other similar beaches include that of the Australian Fraser Island complete with ancient rain forests, the series of eight beaches on St. Bart’s Island in the Caribbean and the Malaysian island of Langkawi. For tourists visiting the Australian state of Queensland and searching for a famous world class beach, opt to reside at any of the Port Douglas resorts and enjoy the famed Four Mile Beach. Located a mere three minutes away from hotels such as Oaks Lagoons, the Four Mile Beach is a wonderful distraction.

While tourists should be aware of the possible presence of crocodiles in the area, this rarely deters many from exploring the beach and walking along it. The Beach is also divided and a section is cordoned off to deter people from swimming during certain times of the year. Further, as one strolls along the beach, they may see a series of nets, particularly during low tide, meant to keep bigger jellyfish away during the stinger season. Nevertheless, the walk is incredibly pleasant, especially during low tide as this provides a greater space within which to explore. This is also a lovely place to find a souvenir to take back home that will not cost you anything.

The wonderful thing about the Four Mile Beach is the apparent lack of development: it truly appears to be untouched and is natural as the beach is lined with palm trees as far as the eye can see. However, this is merely an illusion for the row of palm trees mask a number of hotels and houses

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