Glenelg Beach Soak up the sun, sand and surf

A short tram ride from the city of Adelaide you will everything wonderful within the coastal village of Glenelg. A popular location for the white sandy beach, mouthwatering dining options and great entertainment this is place that many locals and tourists love to come for that perfect seaside vacation.

Since the town is renowned for its beautiful beach many holidaymakers prefer to find beachside Accommodation. Glenelg does offer plenty of hotels and motels but for those who seek unique accommodation should opt for Oaks Plaza Pier which is a beachfront apartment hotel providing serviced accommodation.

The Glenelg Beach offers various entertainment options for the whole family. For a quiet afternoon to relax and read book, to entertain the children or to let your adrenalin rush with the endless list of water sports available. You can refresh yourself with a swim on the calm blue water without a worry since there are plenty of lifeguards on duty and safety barricades in place on the water.

Take a dolphin sailing tour that circuits on Holdfast Bay to swim with a pod of dolphins during daytime or twilight. To swim in the company of dolphins or simply watch them from the boat is a truly remarkable experience and something you must not miss during a visit to Glenelg.

Glenelg Beach is also a hub for various water sports, there are various reefs where you can go surfing, learn to scuba dive or snorkel so if you are up for some adventure then give these a try. If you prefer a less adventurous ocean sport then try your hand at some deep sea fishing. You find one day or overnight fishing excursions available for amateur or professional anglers.

There are plenty of activities surrounding the Glenelg Beach as well such as seaside golfing, dining on the jetty listening to live music or you can check out the famous Beachouse amusement park.

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