The great beach getaway -Soak up in the sun

Tioman Island is a small island off the coast of Malaysia, with a dense forest surrounded by a lively coral reef. This Island enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year where temperatures range from hot and humid to torrential downpours. Berjaya Tioman Island Resort is the ideal getaway that provides easy access to the lovely beach teeming with marine life. Tioman Island Resort is bordered by misty mountains deeply rooted in a lush green rainforest which travellers could explore before spending the rest of the day soaking up the sun’s rays.

As the island is home to over 130 species of coral and over 300 species of fish, it has become one of the most popular snorkelling and diving spots in Malaysia. Beach lovers would generally be quite popular during the months of August as the waters are warm which makes it ideal for a swim with nature! The crystal blue waters and the fresh sea breeze offer the perfect respite for any traveller. At night, travellers are treated to the sights of crabs on the beach as they come in search of food. Low tide allows for travellers to wade quite far in to the ocean to observe marine life and rock pools. Paya Beach in Tioman Island is ideal for sunbathers as the atmosphere is soothing and refreshing.
As the island is surrounded by clear blue waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkelling, be sure to check out other beaches like Juara beach, which has been recognized as one of the best in Tioman with its golden sands and the view of a hill nearby; which allows or hiking. The south end of the beach is met by a lagoon which offers the best of both water worlds. Salang beach is another great gem nestled on the sands of this island and is a great place for snorkelling. Monkey beach and Satang beach are other popular beach areas which offer tranquillity against the calm waters of the Adaman Sea.

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