Green Island – the Sun, Sea, Beach and the Lush Greenery

Kuwait City sprawls along the coast facing the Persian Gulf and is acclaimed as the political and economic hub as well as the capital of Kuwait. In and out of its neighbourhood you will discover myriads of Kuwait tourist hotspots, drawing tourists from all parts of the globe. These attractions encompass amusement parks, museums, aquariums, significant landmarks and splendid architectures.

One such popular tourist hub in Kuwait is the Green Island. It is an artificial isle with a circular shape, resembling an enormous gem studded ring. Sited off the Kuwait waterfront, Green Island is connected with the mainland and extends between Al-Shiwaikh to Ras Al Ard. It can be reached from the Arabian Gulf Street in Dasman.

The isle is renowned among tourists and locals as an ideal oasis to relax and escape the bustling city. Green Island is made up from an amazing eclectic blend, where its sand and rocks are all imported from other countries. The isle was completed and launched in February 1988.

Green Island comprises of breathtaking scenery, besides offering an array of recreational and leisure activities. The island’s multicoloured flora takes you to a surreal world, with its wide variety of seedlings and shrubs dazzling in around 50,000 hues.

From shady groves to crescent shaped coastlines, fine restaurants to freshwater swimming pools are some of the things you can see and do in Green Island, Kuwait. You can even visit the amphitheatre with around 700 seating capacity, to catch a theatrical show or a concert.

To capture the island’s picture perfect panorama in a bird’s eye view, do not forget to climb up the Tourist Tower, which is more than 30 metres tall. Tourist tower also houses a Kid’s Castle furnished with waterfalls, channels and even spiral stairs.

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