Guide on Sri Lanka’s West Coast – Indulge in an Exquisite Beachside Holiday

When in Sri Lanka, you should not miss visiting the pristine beaches of the west coast. Especially if you are in search of a memorable holiday with a taste of local life.


The Negombo beach is one of those spots that can offer you an incredible amount of relaxation and serenity apart from its main offerings. This gorgeous beach has become a popular hotspot among many tourists since it is an ideal place to practise some of the exciting water sports like windsurfing and diving. You can simply enjoy some down time or go for an early morning walk and witness the boats set off from the beach for daily fishing runs.


The unspoilt beaches and golden sandy shores in Wadduwa are ideal for an unforgettable beach holiday. The surrounding waters are perfect for some of the exciting water sport activities like windsurfing. If you visit this coastal town with your friends, don’t forget to experience an amazing boat ride on the gin-clear seas of Wadduwa.

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Kesara Rathnayake, Wadduwa BeachCC BY-SA 2.0



It is just a short tuk-tuk drive away from Wadduwa to Kalutara, one of the quietest beach hideaways along the south-west coast of Sri Lanka. Kalutara has found extra popularity for water sports like diving, snorkelling, and jet skiing among many tourists who visit this part of the country. You can consider staying at a Kalutara resort close to the beach such as AVANI Kalutara Resort to enjoy enriching activities and sightseeing excursions in the amazing west coast.

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Image Credit: AVANI Kalutara Resort


The beach in Marawila offers everything that you expect from a beachside hideaway. It’s a unique feeling of paradise-island remoteness. All adventurous souls have a plenty of exciting water sport activities like diving and windsurfing to spice up the holiday.

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