Handunugoda Tea Estate, Ahangama – The Home of Virgin White Tea

The tropical island nation of Sri Lanka is a perfect destination for a relaxing vacation. Known for its pristine beaches, picturesque terrains, vibrant culture, awe-inspiring archeological landmarks, and hospitable people, Sri Lanka is offering its visitors a tranquil and memorable experience. The island is home to a thriving hospitality industry which offers a wide range of accommodation from budget rooms to luxury villas in Sri Lanka.
Any tea lover knows that Sri Lanka produces some of the world’s finest blends of tea. Branded under the world-renowned “Ceylon Tea” Geographical Indicator, the Sri Lanka boasts a reputation of producing tea made following age-old traditions, resulting in supreme and high-quality blends of tea. If you are interested in learning more about tea in Sri Lanka you must pay a visit the Handunugoda Tea Estate, an estate so popular that hotels such as Pebbles Beach Villa promote it.

The Handunugoda Tea Estate is an exclusive tea estate with its own tea factory that has remained true to the rich tea traditions of Sri Lanka for over 150 years. Located in Ahangama, the Handunugoda Tea Estate is a family owned tea estate that spreads over 200 acres of land. Unlike other major brands in Sri Lanka, this tea estate doesn’t produce tea on a mass scale; rather it focuses on producing some of the premier blends of tea.

The Handunugoda Tea Estate has, therefore, gained a reputation for producing blends which have been acclaimed in all corners of the world. The estate also produces the highly acclaimed supreme “Virgin White Tea”, a blend of such exclusivity and purity that it is never touched by human hands during any stage of its production. A visit to this fascinating tea estate will give you an insight into how tea is produced. A highlight of the estate is the tea factory, which still uses machines made in the United Kingdom at least 140 years ago. Echoing rich traditions, and producing the finest blends, the Handunugoda Tea Estate is an actual living museum that is well worth visiting.

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