Health benefits of bathing in seawater

You’ve heard of how soothing a sea bath can be. But do you know the exact benefits it adds to your life? Why don’t we keep reading to find out?


Boosts your immunity

Seawater is rich in minerals, vitamins and major elements. It is of the expert opinion that these components are similar to that of blood plasma and can be absorbed by the human body when swimming. This, in turn, is considered to have a positive effect on your lungs and immune system.

Helps blood circulation

One of the main purposes of thalassotherapy often offered in hotels like Turyaa Kalutara is said to be the improvement of blood circulation. Swimming or even in an extensive dip in seawater is said to improve circulation by restoring mineral elements that are often depleted by stress, environmental conditions, and a poor diet.

Richer skin

The abundance of magnesium in seawater will hydrate and nourish the skin giving it a fresher appearance and feel. People with dry skin, are submerged in a bath containing 5 percent Dead Sea water for about 15 minutes to absorb the magnesium.

Overall wellbeing in health

Swimming in warm sea water is said to improve the healing process of the body and help the prevention of conditions like inflammatory diseases, arthritis, and asthma. Visitors staying in Galle, Matara, Negombo or Kalutara hotels can head down to the beach and enjoy an enriching soak in warm sea water.



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