History of Maldives – Fact you didn’t know

Are you one of those history buffs planning to visit the Maldives? Well, then let this article briefly enlighten you about the history of this cluster of islands.


Maldives | Image Credit : user: Nightstallion [Public domain]

The BC period

The history of the Maldives dates all the way back to 1500 BC! In fact, the rulers of the island were said to be women in the beginning. The very first settlers here are believed to be the Aryans.

Acceptance of Islam

Constant contact with the Arabs of the Persian era allowed Islam to penetrate its way into the local community. Especially during the period between 1153 and 1154, the King Dovemi Kalaminja began to officially accept Islam and in no time the religion replaced Buddhism.

Outside influences

Looking into the history of the islands, it can be seen that the Maldives was mostly an independent nation throughout the ages. The Portuguese ruled for a brief period of 15 years and the Mopla ruled for about 3 months. However, the locals did agree to be under British protection.

Maldives today

In this day and age, the Maldives has emerged as a well-known holiday destination across the world. Amilla Fushi Maldives and many such Maldives residences have propped up on various islands making Maldives a tropical holiday centre!

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