Koggala Beach – A long Stretch of Paradise

Boasting the title of the longest beach in Sri Lanka, the beautiful stretch of Koggala beach is the paradise of the South. This well kept secret of the south of Sri Lanka has the rare luxury of being both unspoiled and even unexplored. An uncluttered coastline, this beach is well known for its soft powdery sands that reflect tranquility in every grain. For a heavenly holiday filled with plenty of fun and sun choose Koggala and you will not be disappointed.

Koggalas pristine location makes it an easily accessible destination no matter which Southern city you opt to stay in. In fact plenty who stay in resorts in Bentotaflog to Koggala to bask in some quiet sun. If the Koggala beach is in your agenda, choosing a bentota Hotel is actually a smart choice especially if you are travelling from the capital city of Colombo. One such accommodation option worth considering is Avani Bentota Resort. Adorned with all the history and beauty that the Southern coastline of Sri Lanka is so famously known for, Koggala makes one of the finest cities to explore.

Famous for its beach holidays, the Koggala beach affords an array of water sports such as snorkeling, diving and surfing. Gear is readily available at any beach side resort and the waters are always warm and inviting. The privacy and secluded nature of Koggala is one of the beach’s biggest attractions. The azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean, the warm sun and soothing winds truly does wonders to your soul. If you want to enhance these wonders a notch why not indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment. Amidst this backdrop of sheer perfect the benefits of this treatment is unparalleled. If you merely want to enjoy some beach side relaxation and tanning even, Koggala affords rewarding experiences. Perfect for a walk or a jog especially at sunrise or sunset, the Koggola beach with its stilt fishermen affords a unique insight into the quaint fishing lifestyle of the Southern villagers.

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