Marine Life & Coral Reefs – Of Tioman’s Underwater Treasures

Located about 32km off the east coast of the Malaysian state of Pahang is the island of Tioman. Known for its remarkable natural beauty and stunning coastal features, the island of Tioman is one of Malaysia’s most popular tourist destinations. Tioman’s pristine beaches have been named by TIME Magazine as being among the best in the world, making Tioman an ideal location for lovers of beaches, marine life and coastal beauty. A great Tioman resort that offers tranquil accommodation and many luxury amenities and facilities is the Berjaya Tioman Resort.

Being an island, Tioman is great for water sports and aqua activities, especially diving and snorkeling. The reason for this is that Tioman is home to some of Malaysia’s most amazing coral reefs, which are home to hundreds of species of marine life. Home to marine parks and marine reserves, Tioman is practically a dream-come-true for scuba divers and snorkeling enthusiasts, as the underwater sights of Tioman are nothing short of extraordinary.

With a peak season that spans from early February to the last days of October and clear turquoise waters that offer great visibility, almost anyone can explore the beauty and wonders of Tioman’s marine life and coral reefs. The waters are filled with hundreds of coral reefs and many different species of endemic and exotic species of marine life. Some of the best places to visit to witness the glorious reefs of Tioman are Renggis Island; considered to be the best diving/snorkeling site in Tioman, the Tioman Marine Park; known for its high number of sea turtles, and Salang Beach; home to puffer fish, clown fish, and many more. In addition to these places, Paya, Air Batang, and Soyak Island, Tiger Reef, and the Gold Reef are a few other sites known for their amazing underwater scenery. Diving and snorkeling are without a doubt the best way to explore the marine life and coral reefs of Tioman, but a glass-bottom boat ride will also do if you don’t want to get yourself wet.

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