Mirissa Sri Lanka: The Hidden Beach: A Tropical Paradise!

A prime example of tropical beach beauty in Sri Lanka, the Secret Beach in Mirissa is a private, pristine and beautiful place to kick back and relax while letting all the stresses in life melt away!


How to Get There

The Secret Beach is quite literally off the beaten path and it will be kind of tricky finding it. Keep an eye out for a wooden ”Secret Beach” sign tacked onto to pole on the main beach stretch dotted with Mirissa beach hotels including the likes of Mandara Resort Mirissa. Once you locate it, a 20-minute hike will be required till you reach the shimmering cove. Good Luck!


Private and super clean you can simply set up shop under some shady coconut palms and get to work on your tan while possibly going for a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters to cool off.

Must-Have Beach Essentials

Do make sure to take plenty of bottled water with you as it can get extremely hot during the day. Other essential items include sunscreen lotion, a beach towel or mat along with some exciting thrillers.


You can always pack your own picnic lunch or if your feeling too lazy you can head over to a tiny bar tucked away in the adjacent cove. Which serves some spicy seafood dishes and strong drinks, exactly right for long lazy lounging session by the beach!

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