Palawan Beach – Calm Thy Nerves!

The safety and cleanliness of Palawan Beach in Singapore have made it easy for the locality to find a steady flow of tourists, who wish to sunbathe, swim, wade and play on the sand. The area is well equipped to cater to a varied set of guests so you only need to take yourself along to have a good time. Alight from the monorail at Beach Station and head towards the bright blue waterfront that looks like it has just been coloured with crayons.

Yellow and red flags placed in the sea itself indicate whether swimming beyond a point is a good idea or not, but in case some daredevils stroke in towards the horizon, there are lifeguards positioned to assist them. The clear waves cause quite a stir amongst those who choose to sip a fresh guava juice and read a book as they are well curved curls topped with white frost like foam.

Little umbrellas are placed along with a few random chairs along the shore for couples and families to enjoy each other’s company while tucking into a delicious and aromatic meal that is suitable to be devoured under the harsh strokes of the sun. Parents can keep a watchful eye on their kids who will be seen building sand castles or collecting seashells.

A suspension bridge sways every time a tuft of tepid wind blows by; onlookers might feel a chill going down their spine, but those on the bridge enjoy being lulled by the bridge en route to getting some spectacular views from the viewing towers on the tiny islands that the bridge connects to. The panoramic view is worth every second spent trudging up to the island that can be found in the seabed just off Palawan Beach, the renowned shoreline in Sentosa, Singapore.

The W Singapore Sentosa Cove is among the favourite traveller abodes in the country. Its success and popularity has been just as phenomenal as the theme park it is named after, hence it has had a star studded ride to becoming a luxury resort Singapore. Most holiday makers choose a Sentosa resort Singapore if they travel with the family because it is an area loved by children.

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