Pearl Diving, Kuwait – Honouring the forefather, at the ocean floor

Kuwait is an Arab Emirate on the Arabian Peninsula boarding on Iraq, the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia. Prior to 1946 Kuwait was a little-known desert coast, where people lived by growing dates, raising donkeys and sheep, fishing for pearls and building small boats. After the World War II the Kuwait Oil Company began large scale oil drilling and by the 1960’s Kuwait was one of the world’s leading oil producing countries. At present it is a thrilling escape to all holiday makers who wishes to experience desert plains and warm beaches.

Pearl Diving in Kuwait is part of their heritage as it was active even before the oil areas were uncovered. Found in abundance, the divers from all around the place still go under water in search of pearls. To honour the traditions and reminisce the ancient ways of their forefathers, every year a pearl diving festival is held.

People who live in Kuwait and any tourist who has the required training can participate in this event. They start preparing months before the festival with training in sailing and in diving. They speak to those who are knowledgeable of the activity such as past divers and qualified captains and also learn the features of the equipments they will have to use.

Even the outfit worn today, which is the same outfit that was used years ago, is a direct representation of their cause: to honour the forefathers who pearl dived. They tie a rope to their waist and the other end is tied to the railing of the ship, for safety reasons. The divers swim close the ocean bottom, looking for pearls and once they are ready to come up to the surface, a small tug is given to the rope. There are people attending to these ropes, and once the tug is received the diver is pulled back out and into the ship. The closing of the festival is a celebration of songs and dance.

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