Railay Beach – Hidden Beauties of Thailand

Railay Beach is one of the most breathtaking places one can step in. It is such a beautiful place that it has grabbed the attention of thousands of tourists. Railay Beach is located in Thailand and would take its visitors to a world of paradise with its absolutely pristine beaches secluded with turquoise blue water which adds much glam to the lush greenery. It is the perfect getaway for people wanting to relax and enjoy the serene environment. The limestone cliff in Railay Beach is a value addition to this land which attracts many rock climbers as well.
Railay has four main potions known as Pranang, Tonsai, East Railay and West Railay which are significant in its own ways. Railay is on the must visiting list of every Thailand visitor simply because of its true natural beauty which is overwhelming. This magnificent land could only be reached by boat because its main entryway is blocked by the limestone rocks. East Railay is where all the boats arriving from Krabi are docked and is not the ideal place for swimming because of its dense growth of mangroves. West Railay could be reached through a walking trail drawn through a jungle which takes you to the awe-inspiring beach which has made all its visitors gasp at the sight of it. From above the limestone cliff the view is a 360º sight of panorama.
Railay beach is a destination you would find once in a lifetime. It is filled with tranquillity that anyone looking for a peaceful environment wants. It couldn’t get any better with the caves and lagoons that are hidden inland with absolute privacy for lovers who desire solitude. For all those Thailand travellers, a Samui Hotel would be ideal to experience exquisite luxuries in this land. You would be able to visit many attractions around the country if you stay in a  conveniently located Samui Resort which gives its guests the best services. Anantara Bophut Koh Samui is where you should head to if you are looking for a luxury hotel to have the best vacation in Thailand. Thailand is a land of beauty which would definitely give you an unforgettable experience.


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