Rediscover Scuba Diving In Trincomalee – Trincomalee is rated as one of Asia’s Top Diving Sites

The East Coast of Sri Lanka is rated as one of Asia’s top dive sites and offers outstanding experiences for all skill levels. The East Coast drops to about 1500m into Deep Ocean, where divers can usually find shallow sand or rock bottoms, but divers can also dive on walls and drop-offs. There are many opportunities for encounters with pelagics, sharks and other inhabitants of the open ocean abound. Chaya Blue Trincomalee is one of the best Trincomalee Resorts, in Trincomalee. Guests can check into this beautiful and unique resort, which is situated right in front of the beautiful, pristine ocean. The beach in front of the hotel, is very private and secluded. This hotel is a very convenient place for those who want to do snorkeling or diving, fishing, sun bathing, dolphin watching or any other water sports. There is a beautiful picture of a Great Blue Whale, which is a very rare sight and has been spotted only a few feet away from the Chaya Blue Hotel. This hotel is also the place, where many international marine biologists reside in, when they visit Trincomalee.

Wrecks are a particular attraction of in Trincomalee. The island has long been on international trade routes, including the spice and tea runs between Europe and East Asia, and over the centuries its treacherous coastline has claimed many ships. The remaining hull fragments are often still interesting to divers for the abundant marine life they attract. Pigeon Island in Trincomalee is a marine sanctuary, renowned for its untouched soft corals and thriving marine life. Trincomalee Bay has a resident colony of pygmy blue whales and sperm whales and is one of the top spots in the world for whale watching. There are many diving centers located around the Chaya Blue Hotel, and many offer high quality equipment, training courses and internationally recognized diving instructors and supervisors.

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