Riding high at the Padang Padang Beach

Situated along the South Kuta District in Bali, Indonesia, the Padang Padang Beach is a hot favourite with professional and advanced level surfers. This is due to the uniquely consistent high rollers, with the infamous Padang Tube wave which is a long and hollow wave that is the speciality of the area. Ofcourse taking the waves towards the middle of the sea is only for advanced Surfers, however the right side of the beach is perfect even for beginners as well as intermediate level surfers. Even if you are not a surfer, the amazing views, crashing waves, beautiful beach and the sheer beauty of the surroundings makes Padang Padanag Beach a must visit when travelling in this part of the world.

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Padang Padang Beach lies a few minutes away and is reached by climbing down a flight of stairs from the top of a white cliff to the beach below. Once you get there, no matter what time of day it is, whether it is low, mid or high tide, especially from April to August, the average height of a wave is bound to be atleast 5 feet. As these waves can reach upto 10 feet or sometimes more, you are certainly guaranteed the surf of a life time! Don’t miss out on the Padang tube whilst surfing. If you get tired out, relax under an umbrella on the beach and enjoy the food and other amenities available to all visitors.

Jayani Senanayake is a writer who dabbles in travel and all things exotic. Under the pseudonym of Caliope Sage, she writes of the allures that must simply be discovered.


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