Sentosa Island Singapore – The Home of the Merlion

Visited by an astonishing twenty-million people every year, Sentosa Island is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in Singapore, and it has a surprising lot to offer to its visitors.

Sentosa Island Singapore | Image Credit - dronepicr, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Sentosa Island Singapore | Image Credit – dronepicr, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikipedia Commons


Sentosa means ‘peace and tranquillity’ in Malay, however, the original Sanskrit source of the word, Santosha, means contentment or satisfaction. The island was initially known as ‘Pulau Blakang Mati’, which means ‘The Island of Death from Behind’…talk about a dark past.

Emergence into Significance

It was during the 19th century that Sentosa received significant attention because it was discovered that the island more or less safeguarded the passage into Keppel Harbour. The island was eventually fortified as a means of defence for the nation of Singapore.

Sentosa Today

Sentosa in the 21st century is a resort island that is loaded with a variety of attractions offering something for almost everyone. The island is also extremely close to mainland Singapore and is a matter of minutes away from any City Hall hotel in Singapore along the likes of Grand Park City Hall.


The list of things to see and experience in Sentosa is almost endless, but here are a few highlights. The Royal Albatross is a luxury ship that is berthed at Sentosa; it was used as Bruce Wayne’s private yacht in The Dark Knight. Sentosa also boasts the massive ‘Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom’ as well as the original Merlion.

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