Seven Mile Beach- A lovely sandy beach

A lovely sandy beach for a leisurely stroll – views across the water to Lewisham and Dodges Ferry – about 20 minutes from Hobart City and close to the airport. The beach is nice and quiet, but beautiful. Great spot for a sunset, white sand, and paddling. It is a very beautiful beach to have a leisurely and a peaceful walk. There are various hotels and resorts close by to the Seven Mile Beach, the Somerset on the Pier Hobart is a luxury serviced apartment Hobart, which has elegantly and stylish apartment complexes that have separate dining, living and kitchen areas. These serviced apartments are located at a very convenient location, which is ideal for both business and leisure travelers.

There are lots of areas at the Seven Mile Beach, to park vehicles. The beach can sometimes be over a flight path – depending on wind direction planes can either be coming into land or taking off. Some parts of the beach are patrolled. Seven Mile Beach is described by many as an amazing place. Many locals and tourists love going down in the summer and the main Attraction at the Seven Mile Post, is the fact that Hobart Airport is slightly down the road and the planes land right above your head. Race horses are trained at the beach in their own section of the beach, also it is an ideal place for most people to take their dogs for walks. There is plenty of room for a long stroll or to set up the shade tent, to relax and unwind at the beach. This beach is also great for swimming when the water warms up. There are many shops nearby with BBQ facilities.

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