Silver Beach+Beihai

Ideally located in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous area in southern China, Silver Beach has earned a reputation as the nation’s finest beach due to its length, stunning white sandy beach, gentle waves and crystal clear waters. Its fine natural ambience and advantages have also earned it a reputation of being “Eastern Hawaii”.

Today Silver Beach is well known as the best resort for numerous water sport activities and beach bathing in the southern part of China. Owing to its tranquil atmosphere and clean fresh air the Silver Beach area has also become a preferred choice as a health resort.

The resort consists of three main sections which are Beihai Silver Beach Park, Beihai Beach Park and Hengli Ocean Sports and Entertainment Centre. There is also the area with numerous villas and restaurants which are located off shore.

Those who visit the Silver Beach will need at least half a day because there are so many activities and nearby places to explore and enjoy. For instance, the fascinating Beihai Silver Beach Park boasts of houses that relate to certain musical instruments, various books and pictures. Towards the middle part of the park visitors will find sea ports and the beach zone. There is a marine biology museum, children’s swimming pool and an open air dance floor in the west side of the park.

Silver Beach is an ideal place for beach volleyball, boat rides and even bungee jumping and parachute jumping. Diving is also considered a popular activity here. Travellers who visit Silver Beach will find many hotels situated along the beach and in the heart of the city. For example, visitors can plan their stay at Shangri-La Hotel, Beihai which is a well known Beihai luxury hotel and experience the excitement of Silver Beach.

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